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Heiwa Lupinus Type SS Frame - Game List

Heiwa Lupinus Type SS Frame (Lupin 3rd)

February 2009 CR Inakappe Tenji CRいなかっぺ大将
October 2008 CR Hiroshi Fujioka CR我 藤岡弘、柳生十兵衛見参
August 2008 CR Three Sisters Symphony Orchestra CR響三姉妹
July 2008 CRA Pochi to Ippatsu! odate Buta CRAポチッと一発!おだてブタ
May 2008 CR Sengoku Damsel CR戦国乙女
March 2008 CR Lupin 3rd - The Tower of Lupinus CRルパン三世 ルピナスタワーのダイヤを狙え

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