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Heiwa Hotaru Frame - Game List

November 2004 CR Nekketsukouha Kuniokun
October 2004 CR Pretty Band
August 2004 CR Festival Story
May 2004 CR Dragon Monkey
April 2004 CR Double Wing
March 2004 CR New Art Masterpiece
January 2004 CR Cold Wintry Wind Monzirou
November 2003 CR Burst of Laughter [moai]
October 2003 CR Thunder Zone
September 2003 CR Laughing Point
June 2003 CR Bravo Five
April 2003 CR God Dragon Story
March 2003 CR Bravo Perfect Bird
February 2003 CR Batman
November 2002 CR Jet Kids
November 2002 CR Lupin the Third
September 2002 CR Lucky Theater
July 2002 CR King Hoe Help
June 2002 CR [hotsu] or Other Bathhouse
May 2002 CR Big Shooter
May 2002 CR Chiki Chiki Machine Super Race
March 2002 CR The Return of Koumonchama

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