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About Us

Pinball Dave is a small business owned and run by Dave Roberts, operating out of Brighton on the south coast of England.

Dave has always had passion for pinball machines, both playing and learning about the technology behind them, and has been involved in their repair, maintenance and commercial operation for over 10 years.

With the recent changes in the UK gambling act, pinball machines are now no longer classified as a gaming machine. Previous to this change in legislation, only operators who held a license to rent fruit machines could legally operate a pinball machines. Seeing as fruit machines require significantly less maintenance, they were obviously preferred by these operators and the amount of pinball machines available for public play had declined significantly.

Now these changes have been made, the amusement market has been opened to small operators who have the specialist skills needed to operate and maintain a pinball machine. Also now that home games consoles are offering better gaming experience than many arcade video games machines, and internet based gambling is erroding the revenues from fruit machines, we hope to see a rise in the popularity of pinball, an experience which is much harder to recreate faithfully in the home environment.

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